About Us

This is the site of the Indiana based couple, photographers, and friends James and Maryln Brown. We have been married for over 42 years and this site is just one more chapter in our life that we share.

We both go by many names including Jim and Po. Maryln is Ukrainian and has always been known to her friends as Po because of her complex maiden name.We shoot in a photojournalistic and unobtrusive manner to document the day’s events as they unfold. We have fun in what we do or it doesn’t get done. Life is too short.

We shoot everything digitally, in raw uncompressed format that yields the highest image quality. The files that we send out are JPG files that are easy to have printed or to post on any computer or we make fine quality prints sent to your door.We are a well balance and experienced couple that brings our own life’s happenings with us. We will travel anywhere in the world for a great picture as long as we are not away from our families, friends and home for so long that we forget what they are all about.

-Jim & Po